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Writer Ron Roman


Born and raised in Connecticut, writing has always been a hobby for Ron. Over the years, he has contributed to numerous articles and will be releasing apocalyptic thriller OF ASHES AND DUST in November 2022.

Since turning his passion into a profession, Writer Ron Roman has written prolifically and is constantly exploring new themes, genres and ideas. It’s incredibly hard work, but he's never happier than when he sits down at his desk putting the opening words to a new book, story, or article on paper.

As an Associate Professor of English, ESL, and Humanities, Ron Roman taught with the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) all over the Pacific since January 1996. He retired in May 2020 and currently resides in Pyeongtaek, South Korea with his wife.

Some of his hobbies include jogging, hiking, camping, weightlifting, roller coasters--and his beloved 1968 Rambler American antique auto for which he received Third Prize in the Hemmings (Motor News) National Antique Auto Show in Bennington, Vermont in August 1994 shortly before returning overseas.
(The Rambler is currently under restoration to be a show car once again.)

He has written extensive travel, academic, and political op-ed articles for regional, national, and international publications as well as having been published in numerous poetry journals. His thriller novel Of Ashes and Dust is scheduled to be released in the late fall of 2022 by Addison-Highsmith (imprint).

Ron studied writing (both fiction and creative) for his third graduate degree (Humanities) from Wesleyan University. When not busy with other hobbies, Ron writes in miscellaneous genres and works part time counseling US military retirees and spouses on American military installations in Korea.

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