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Writer Ron Roman Has Acting in His Seoul

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Gen. Douglas MacArthur watched as the sedan carrying two generals and an admiral pulled up, and waited patiently to greet his superior officers―men he had referred to as “the three stooges.”

Finally, Army Chief of Staff Joe Collins, U.S. Pacific Fleet Commander Arthur Radford and Chief of Naval Operations Forrest Sherman emerged from the car on their mission to dissuade MacArthur from carrying out his proposed Incheon invasion, a gambit that would become one of MacArthur’s greatest achievements.

But this was not 1950, and it was not the Korean War.

Though he was made up to look like MacArthur, the man greeting the officers was Hollywood blockbuster actor Liam Neeson. And the man portraying Forrest Sherman was Writer Ron Roman. Read more about this story here.

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